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    Discipline is the backbone of the development in all spheres of life and it of paramount imporatnce in the field of education.Hence the school lays special emphasis on Punctuality,neatness in dress ,behaviour , respect for teachers and management staff and consideration for seniors/juniors and co-operative spirit towards classmates and peers is expected at all levels.
  • Students without uniform are not allowed on school days during classes ,examinaton or any idealing with the office or the management.

  • Students shall be held responsible for moral and upright behaviuor conductive to their own well-being and the decorum of the society both inside and outside the school.

  • 3. Students must make the utmost effort to speak in English at all times within the school campus.

  • Identity Card

  • At the begining of each session , the students are issued distinct colored identity card for school Transport (Yellow), Parents Escorted (Blue) Hostelite (Red) and self-computing (Green) is compulsory and mandatory for all students to carry I cards themselves to school every day.The same can be furnished as proof of identity for the students studying in this particular school.


In our School all teacher are experienced and very well.